The John Vane Academy



Benefits of John Vane Academy Membership

Members of the John Vane Academy will be eligible for additional financial support and participation in exclusive opportunities, including:

·        The offer of up to £1,000 from WHRF for travel, accommodation or registration costs of attending academic meetings.

·        The ability to apply to WHRF for additional funds to the main grant to support additional training and development opportunities.

·        Participation in the annual John Vane Academy Reception (usually in October) to showcase research activity to an audience including external, non-scientific supporters and stakeholders.

·        Opportunities to highlight achievements and successes in WHRF’s communications materials to supporters and the general public.

·        Participation in the John Vane Academy Mentoring Scheme, including access to commercial expertise (this scheme is still in development).


Members of the John Vane Academy

Members of the John Vane Academy include PhD students and other early-career researchers (i.e. post-doctoral researchers with up to 5 years of experience) who have received funding from the William Harvey Research Foundation or William Harvey Research Limited.  These are usually people who:

·        study or work at one of the institutes within the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at Queen Mary University of London AND

·        are involved in one or more of the following fields of research: cardiovascular disease, inflammation or endocrine disorders (meeting WHRF’s charitable purpose to support medical research in these specific areas).

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