Daphne Vane Media Bursary Scheme

The five winners of the first annual Daphne Vane Media Bursary Scheme attended a full day of training at the Media First studios  in Reading in November 2023.  The training was delivered by two working journalists, Mark McQuillan and Jane Deith, who interviewed our participants in realistic radio and television studio settings.

A huge congratulations to our winners:  From WHRI, Eriomina Shahaj, Hafiz Naderi and Suzanne Eldridge, and from BCI, Prerana Huddar and Malgorzata Maksymowicz!


Radio Interview, Hafiz Naderi 

Above, Hafiz Naderi excels at a radio interview with Jane.

Above, Eriomina Shahaj is a pro in the television studio.


Lay Communication Prize

This year’s winners were announced at the William Harvey Annual Review Day in June  2023.  Congratulations to the £500 Lay Communication Prize Winner, Marilena Christoforou, with her topic:  Galectin-3 the main suspect driving heart failure in Rheumatoid arthritis.


Competition was tough and the standard of submissions was so high that the Foundation funded an additional award again this year.  The two runners-up each received a £400 travel grant:

Hafiz Naderi - The Silent Killer: How AI can Help

Nicola Dark - Heart attacks: Are platelets and monocytes new partners in crime?


Congratulations to all involved in this year's competition!  You can hear from the winners below.


"The Lay communication competition, organised by the William Harvey Research Foundation, is an excellent initiation. I really enjoyed taking part in it as it gave me the opportunity to enhance my communication skills and challenge me to explain my research project in a non-scientific way that sometimes can be a bit challenging. It is crucial for scientists to be able to communicate their research with the general public as their input and involvement are essential for our studies.  I am grateful for this opportunity, and I am excited to use the travel award I received to present my PhD work at an international conference."

-Marilena Christoforou



"The Lay communication competition was an excellent opportunity to gain experience in public engagement and the important skill of communicating my research to a lay audience. I am grateful to the William Harvey Research Foundation for the travel award and invitation to join The John Vane Academy."

-Dr Hafiz Naderi 

John Vane Academy - 2023

The winners for two JVA awards were announced at the 2023 William Harvey Annual Review Day in June:  The John Vane Bursary Scheme and the Lay Communications Prize.  Some of the winners are pictured below with one of the WHRF Trustees, Kathryn Kerle.



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