The Seventeenth John Vane Memorial Symposium (Sep 2022) on Prostacyclin Science and Pulmonary Vascular Disease

23-24 September 2022

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The John Vane Memorial Symposium on Prostacyclin Science and Pulmonary Vascular Disease was held at the Royal Society, London, UK again this year and it was wonderful to see everyone in person!


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Those of you who attended will be able to revisit the presentations using the links below (your password has been emailed to you).  We hope you enjoy.

Chris Thiemermann - Welcome


Anna Hemnes - Molecular Predictors of Prostacyclin Responses


Aaron Waxman - Inhaled Treprostinil in Pulmonary Hypertension due to Interstitial Lung Disease


Sussan Nourshargh - Inflammation & Neutrophil Trafficking: Novel Concepts


Roberto Badagliacca - Early and aggressive prostacyclin treatment in PAH


Raymond Benza - Remote Management of PAH and Risk Management


Olivier Sitbon - Portopulmonary Hypertension


Magdi Yaqoob - Pulmonary Hypertension in CKD: Where is the evidence?


Athenais Boucly - Initial Treatment Strategies and Survival in PAH


Murali Chakinala - Risk Stratification in PAH


Irene Lang - Defining PAH with Left Heart Phenotype


Ralph Schermuly - Kinase Signalling in Pulmonary Hypertension


Robert Naeije - Imaging of the right ventricle for risk assessment and treatment in PAH


Thomas Cascino - Upfront Triple Therapy in Pulmonary Hypertension


Jim White - Emerging Clinical Studies

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