The Nineteenth John Vane Memorial Symposium (Mar 2024) on Prostacyclin Science and Pulmonary Vascular Disease

15-16 March 2024

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The John Vane Memorial Symposium on Prostacyclin Science and Pulmonary Vascular Disease was held at the Royal Society, London, UK.


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Those of you who attended this year will be able to revisit the presentations using the links below (your password will be emailed to you).  We hope you enjoy.

Chris Thiemermann - Welcome


Kevin J. Tracey - Reflexes integrate immunity in homeostasis and disease


Frances de Man - Response of the right ventricle to PH


Marc Humbert - Inhibition of activin signalling in PH


Khodr Tello - Assessing RV function


Roberto Badagliacca - Assessing RV function by echocardiography


Alex Rothman - Remote monitoring in patients with PH


Michele D’Alto - Differential diagnosis between PAH and HFpEF


Athenais Boucly - Triple combinations of drugs in PAH


Mardi Gomberg-Maitland - PH left heart disease: trials and tribulations


Vallerie McLaughlin - Sneak preview: World Congress 2024



Joyce Lee - Impact of PH on clinically significant outcomes in patients with ILD


Oksana Shlobin - PH associated with interstitial lung disease (ILD)


Steve Nathan - Management of pulmonary hypertension associated with ILD


Ardeschir Ghofrani - Impact of PH-targeted medications on the right ventricle


David Kiely - Imaging modalities in PH: MRI


Nick Rahaghi - Imaging modalities in PH: CT

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